Nose Nasal Spray Addiction

Beat the nose nasal spray addiction

You can beat the nose spray addiction Hi, just an update that those of you with nose spray addiction are not alone. I see your please all over the internet and I want to help each and every one of you. You just have to come to me. Please leave your posts here and contact me too. I do have a proven method to get off this stuff and it works. And I am a strong support system for you as well as you are beating it. I have been there and I know it's possible. I have made the trips to walmart in the night. I have had the panic attacks. I have had to use the stuff every 15 minutes and keep one bottle in my pocket, one in my purse and one somewhere else. I know the hold it has over your life and I hold hte key to you beating it. It is possible. There is hope. I did it and so can you. Nasal nose spray addiction